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iCryptex Training System

iCriptex Training is a system that allows daily monitoring of the neuromuscular status of the athlete, so that he can safely set up a customized workout, improving his performance and minimizing the risk of injuries. It also lets you know how to recover from training the previous day to facilitate the programming of the workout the next day.

The system iCryptex Training uses an iPhone app that, using the technology of the device it collects the data of the "man-machine" through some simple physical tests and answers to a questionnaire. Then the app sends, together with the data the user who has the password that protects its access to the system, the data collected and the answers to a web service. The web service receives the data, sorts it, processes them by extracting the indices and markers required and saves them, taking care of saving even calculated data derived from primitive data input. The data is thus historicized in a centralized database. Finished processing, the web service returns to the App the outcome of the tests and simultaneously updates a web panel that the athletic trainer, the coaching staff or the athlete himself owns. Each with their own account can view the immediate outcome of the tests and the historian of the previous tests.

Thanks to the collection of psychophysical data (Intelligence) obtained from the execution of the test on strength (CMJ bipodalic and monopodalic) and later moment by moment analysis of the kinetic chain muscle (Cryptex), in a few seconds the athlete, the coach and all the coaching staff are able to know the athlete's neuromuscular conditions to design the right training staff.

The system allows iCryptex Training, compared to current technologies, to be able to carry out the analysis of the athletes even several times a week instead of only every two to three months. This allows a constant monitoring the mental and physical state and health of the athlete, so they can take action on a daily basis with a real personal training.

The athletes will be able to take the test in their own home just got up in the morning, and his technical staff receives after a few seconds all the results to its own training center, in order to create a customized training session based on the data, before the arrival of the athlete.

The system allows the coach to remotely monitor the athlete (the coach in Pisa-Italy and the athlete in New York, for example), and is designed to manage and monitor at the same time an entire team of athletes.

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