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iCryptex Training - Achieve the performance

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Press24/02/2014 Calcio News 24

In modern football, we often wonder how champions like Totti or Di Natale are able to manage being so important in an age that would leave even think about retirement. Alessandro Del Piero continues to amaze Australia with his play and his goals. The critical part is the work he has done for five years (until last summer) face to face with Professor Giovanni Bonocore. An experience that has led Bonocore to give birth to an idea that can revolutionize the methodology of training provided for both in Italy and abroad. [...] «We have tried to apply the methodology of innovative ideas that, until now, in the international scene had never been tested or applied. Few years ago the American Espn we dedicated a service where it was said that Del Piero was the only player in the world to have created a structure for custom workouts, praising both the results and the staff. [...] The athlete needs a custom workout. I gave birth to this idea that got its name Training iCryptex. I had the support of a dear childhood friend who lived in America for twenty years called Roberto Angiolucci and together we presented this idea to the United States. It seemed to be a country that was ready to understand this philosophy of work and we were right, because they have already begun to use this method. I can mention the St. John's University in New York within the football industry is using our system. [...] There are some simple movements that can be done from home, putting smart phones into contact with stretchy shorts. The trainers can then receive links in real time, which can be accessed with a password. They all have the exact figures of the rose and are able to analyze them and can create, for each player, the training program for which the individual player needs at that precise moment. Then there is a questionnaire to be submitted to the athlete who judges how the previous workout was as he recovered. All of these questions will be translated into numerical coefficients that indicate the objective data. This system allows us to test the players very often while in Italy, but also abroad, the software is tested every three months and then working with old data while the present data may vary even within 24 hours.»

The entire article is available (in Italian) by clicking here.


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